Active Server Pages Hosting (ASP Hosting)

Active Server Pages (ASP) is Microsoft's first server-side scripting language and engine for dynamic web pages. ASP provides six built-in objects: Application, ASPError, Request, Response, Server, and Session. Session object, for example, represents a session that maintains the state of variables from page to page. The Active Scripting engine's support of the Component Object Model (COM) enables ASP websites to access functionality in compiled libraries such as DLLs. ASP 3.0 does not differ greatly from ASP 2.0 but it does offer some additional enhancements such as Server.Transfer method, Server.Execute method, and an enhanced ASPError object. ASP also enables buffering by default and optimized the engine for better performance.

ASP uses scripting on the server to generate content that is sent to the client's web browser via HTTP response. The ASP interpreter reads and executes all script code between <% and %> tags, the result of which is content generation. These scripts were written using VBScript, JScript, or PerlScript. The @Language directive, syntax or server configuration can be used to select the language.

Kolkata Web Hosting understands that our customers may have some legacy applications that need to be hosted and we are here to help with that. We support Classic Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) Hosting with all our hosting plans and we also support Access, MySQL and SQL Server databases. We have no plans on dropping these technologies like major hosting providers have done.