Cloud Backup Hosting

Backing up to cloud destinations has become a critical piece of an organization's strategy to continually and automatically protect their critical data. Many organizations rely on a cloud platform with workloads that span across local storage and multiple cloud storage locations.

Cloud backup is a type of offsite backup to cloud-based servers hosted by cloud storage providers (public or private), or hosted in your own data center. Cloud backup allows companies to store a secondary copy of their data at a remote location to protect against data loss.

While public and private cloud offer their own set of pros and cons, hybrid cloud backup allow for the best of both worlds: you can store non-sensitive data in a public cloud, while keeping confidential data private.

KWH's cloud backup solutions enable organizations to maintain local and offsite cloud based backups by offering products that support a wide range of cloud backup strategies, including hybrid cloud backup.

For organizations who want to offload some of the heavy-lifting associated with managing in-house data protection and recovery, turn to our cloud backup hosting.